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93 Geriatric and Chronic Physical Ailment Patient Ward
Built 1939

Designed by State Architect William E. Haugaard

These first two pictures were taken around the Spring of 1996


Photograph - Long Island Oddities


Welcome to building 93

In the front of the building each floor had a lobby accessed by the elevators with bathrooms the the right and left and doorways to the main hallways and dinning room. Men were housed on the left side of the building and women on the right. Down each hall was the Treatment Room followed by the clothing rooms and the showers in the corners. The Day Rooms extended from the front of the building and the dorms were on the two ends

All patients and visitors would come through this entrance unless they required the Ambulance service entrance

In the front were offices for the Male and Female Superintendents and Interview Rooms for the new patients

Then there was a waiting room with and Information Desk and Bathrooms

There were a set of four elevators, two patient-staff two service, to help transport people between the floors. They opened either in the front to the floor lobbies (the direct center set of windows down the front of the building) or to the rear Dinning Rooms. Building 93 also housed the Hospital's Dentist Office on the first floor

This is the delivery door leading in to the Pharmacy that supplied medicine to the entire Hospital grounds

                                                                                              Photograph - Kings Hark Heritage Museum
Head Pharmacist Walter Walsh and his assistant John Haff
Each building required its own cart load of medications on a regular bases and once delivered the boxes were then broken down by floors and then again by Wards. The wooden crate on top of the cart was constructed by the patients in the wood shop. Each box had a hinged cover, leather carry strap and a pad lock assembly on top with the building number stenciled on the side.

The small room in the corner and the fence were for locking up any Alcohol and other dangerous substances.
The Hospital had a problem with a number of attempted burglaries during the 1980's

Photograph - Kings Hark Heritage Museum
Head Pharmacist Walter Walsh and his assistant John Haff preparing medications

Dr. Joseph Catalano worked at KPSH for many years. He was a genuine character, and a good Doctor! Doctor "Cat" used to come up on my ward sometimes, in Bldg. 93, when I was a young Staff Nurse when he was making weekend Rounds. This was around 1971-72. He always had a cigar going, and carried a horse racing sheet with him. After he went over the business of the ward, he would talk about "The Ponies"!
                                                                                                                                                 - PHKelly

This had been the side Ambulance entrance for transporting patients unable to walk

Basement Storage rooms

Staff Entrance

Staff Coat Room

This door lead to the coat rooms and a small lobby from which employees would then take the stairs their floor
All stairwells were caged with locked gates and the doors to the wards were locked at all times also

Staff Coat Room

The long extension off the back of the building is the Hospital kitchen
The top window to the right was the X-Ray Room

Dinning Room

This had been the main kitchen but is now filled with old furniture from the dormitories

Rear Loading Dock
90% of the food for the entire Hospital was cooked in the large kitchen of building 93
The food trucks would come and pickup the hot trays of food and desert and then deliver them to the kitchen staff at the various buildings who would place them in the preheated steam tables waiting in the dinning rooms.

The dinning rooms were in the center of the building and became smaller on the last four floors as most of the patients were bedridden. To the right and left of the dinning rooms were the janitor closets, staff bathroom, staff lunchroom, and the stairwells followed by the single rooms then the patient bathroom and large dormitory

Picture - Kings Park Heritage Museum


Women's Bathroom


Receiving Dock

Can wash Room
Back when they still had the working farm they used to bring vegetables over to building A to be canned

Photograph - Kings Park Heritage Museum
The Maintenance staff out back behind the loading dock of building 93

In the rear of the kitchen were rooms and walk in refrigerators for Dairy, Fish, Fruits & Vegetables, Meats, breads and canned goods. Although food was kept here for preparation everything first came through the Store House in bulk and was then broken down and sent over to the kitchen in smaller quantities.

Storage Room

The Kitchen

Dish Washing area

This may have been the Chef's Office

Rear Employee entrance

Lobby and door from Coat Rooms

Coat Room


This wing was the dormitory rooms and the door led to the occupational therapy room


Occupational Therapy Room

Painting by Percy Cosby

Another mural by Percy Cosby

The basement room had been the men's central clothing distribution room.

June 1971, Bldg. 93, Ward 29. Four freshly minted nurses, including myself, are on a break in the ward coffee room, accompanied by one of the Ward 29 Attendants.

We heard the large metal bit key hit the lock, and the main ward door swing open. There was no subsequent noise of a door being locked behind the entrant! We had only been on the ward one day, and we knew it was the "entrance sound" of the ward physician, Dr. G! The good Doctor always left the door open behind her. Several of the patients on the ward knew this, and took the opportunity to scoot off the ward. The ward Charge nurse would get a call from Allie, the Supervisor, telling the ward to send someone down to get the patient!

On this particular visit Dr. G had her large black crow, Loki, perched on her shoulder! One of the new nurses jump up from the table in the coffee room and ran down the hall to close the door. With that, Loki became panic stricken, and flew off Dr. G's shoulder, and landed on the nurse's head! The nurse, a fastidious woman, had her longish hair tightly bundled upon her head, providing Loki with a nice opportunity to dig his talons into this inviting nest! Of course, the nurse let out a blood curdling shriek, swatting and pushing at Loki, until he tumbled off the nurse's head! Loki went bounding down the hallway towards the nurse's station, trailing beleaguered, behind the oblivious Dr. G! We ran down to the nurse's station, agreeing that Loki probably did not belong in a medical infirmary, being a wild bird and such!

As we turned the corner into the nurse's station, old Loki jumped up on the desk and, being frightened out of his wits, promptly deposited an immense defecation upon the ward sign in sheet! About that time, one of the other attendants, a Southern woman, came into the station. The woman noticed that Loki, now cowering on the office desk, had messed up sign in sheet! The Southern woman let out a screeching question, in her thick North Carolina accent, yelling " WOT THA F*** IS THAYAT!" Little ole Loki was unceremoniously brushed off the desk, an occurrence that made the bamboozled bird flutter, furiously, back the way he had come! Loki was quickly followed by our sputtering Doctor, that aloof aplomb totally vanquished, her personage in full retreat!

We, of course, being nurses and attendants, were splitting our sides in raucous laughter, totally enjoying the extreme discomfit of our imperial MD! We cleaned the poop off the sign in sheet and waited for the phone call we knew was forthcoming!

The ringing telephone was stared at, like we had never seen such an object before. They look at me, so I picked up the receiver, ever so slowly! A "hello" by me revealed it was Allie. "Hey, Kel, what the hell is going on up there?" I quickly replied "Allie, it seems like it was not a good day to bring a crow to Ward 29...
                                                                                                                                                    - PHKelly

Looking at the Lobby and Female Superintendents Office

And that concludes our walk around building 93

Building 93 as seen from the old Power Plant and Shop

Christmas 2010

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