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5. Central Maintenance Shop
Formerly the Laundry House
Built 1909

The original laundry house had been by where the Parks Dep't Garage is today and burned in 1909
Later after the new laundry house built this building was converted over to maintenance shops

The smoke stack in the background is from the current power plant and not part of this building

Photograph - Kings Park Heritage Museum

Door to the left shop

Originally large open laundry rooms they were later converted to smaller shops

This was the electric shop

Shelving and cabinets for lots of small  parts

This was the doorway to the electric shop and one of the storage areas

Photograph - Kings Park Heritage Museum
Maintenance Staff - c.1957
Some of the men in the back row were patients doing work therapy
In the 1970's the Government put an end to Patient Work Therapy calling it forced labor, so they had to stop

Delivery doors to the central storage area

A few loan studs are all that remain on the lumber racks that supplied the woodshop

This wing was the paint room with a small spray booth and also a mason room

Photograph - Kings Park Heritage Museum

Side entrance to the basement Lock shop

LOCK SHOP <-----  KEY ISSUE 9 TO Blank AM / 3 TO 4 PM

Photograph - Kings Park Heritage Museum
Charles Smith was the Hospital Lock Smith for many years

Picture - King Pedlar - Kings Park Heritage Museum
A various assortment of Ward keys

It was virtually impossible to get around without your keys. If you forgot to bring them to work with you, you would have to rely on another employee to get around. I decided that this would never happen to me. After working there for a month or two keeping my keys in a pocket, I decided that it was too easy to forget them at home. I purchased some thin leather straps and braided them together. The key ring was attached to one end and I tied the other end to my belt; then I slipped the keys into my pocket. In this way, I would always be aware where my keys were located and the length of cord allowed easy reach to the door locks.
Too many people lost their keys. I knew some who found keys and kept them for "emergency" use. This was a big no-no, as was losing your keys in the first place.
                                                                                               - Barry

Some patients who had freedom to leave the grounds would frequent the local bars in town and also the Round Table across the road from the Power Plant. It's said that when it was getting late and near time for the patients to return and sign in the bartender would drop an old Ward key on the bar making a loud ringing and that was the signal to any patients that they had to start heading back to the Hospital for curfew.
                                                                                                                                      - Gill Harris

Loading dock and doors to the carpentry and furniture shop

The work benches and saw dust vacuums

This hand crafted wooden tool box is an example of the type of work the patients did

Photograph - Kings Park Heritage Museum
This table was hand carved by patients in the wood shop for Sr. Director Charles Buckman

The saw dust chute

The sign on the corner by the saw dust vacuum points to the Engineering Maintenance Shop

ENGINEERING & MAINTENANCE SERVICE -----> (Lock Shop has been painted over)
The Lock Smith originally had been located on the main floor by the engineers and management

Looking down to where the original entrance had been to the offices and locksmith shop

These front two wings held the Planning Dept offices and is where they stored the blue prints to all the buildings.
The train tracks to the power plant ran right past the building where this pavement is today

Here were the original engineering department and plant angers offices before they added the extensions on

Engineering was on the left and Management on the right side


Blue Print - Kings Park Heritage Museum

Industrial Shop

This shop had work areas for a tin smith, welder, blacksmith, machinist, plumbing, steam fitting, and a bed shop

The first door is to parking lot the second is to the electric shop, the walk up counter and door are to storage

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39 Patient Wards
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55 Marina
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127 Family Housing
128 Family Housing
129 Family Housing
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133 Cottage I
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135 Convalescent
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138 Patient Wards
139 Dinning Hall
140 Crises Housing
142 Elderly Living
143 Patient Wards
144 Staff Housing
147 Patient Wards


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Indian Head Rd Cemetery

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