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62 Grounds Maint
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74 Mechanics House
75 Garage
76 Garage
77 Chief Engineer
78 Staff Housing
80 York Hall
81 Chemical House
82 Mortuary
83 Fire House
84 Pump House
85 Pump House
86 Blacksmith Shop
89 Bathrooms
88 Slaughter House
90 Macy Hall
91 Garage
92 Tiffany Field
93 Patient Wards
94 Laundry Bldg
95 Drís Cottage
96 Drís Cottage
97 Drís Cottage
98 Drís Cottage
99 Drís Cottage
100 Drís Cottage
101 Drís Cottage
122 Female Wards
123 Dinning Hall
124 Female Wards
151 Patient Housing
152 Patient Housing


47. Pig Pens
Built 1941

Photograph - Long Island Oddities

These pictures were taken sometime between 1994 and 1996, the building was torn down a few moths later

Photograph - Long Island Oddities

I remember once there was a guy who worked for the hospital (can't give his name). Went to the Roundtable (Shanahan's) and told Tommy Walsh (the owner) to come outside and see his date. It was one of the sows from the piggery sitting in his back seat. Quite a mess I must say. His wife was really pissed at him. ruined the car.
                                                                                                                                                    - Gill Harris

The state hospital at Kings Park had a very large farm that provided many opportunities for interesting occurrences to a wanderer such as myself. A regular visitor, I have a large cache of memories from the place. They had a large pig farm which I enjoyed visiting. While the smell was not so great, wandering through the building which held the sows and baby pigs was always fun. When I would find a sow that didnít seem to mind, I would pick up and play with the baby pigs.

It has always amazed me how hard and solid their bodies are. In the dairy section was a large pen with a very large and aggressive bull in it. Many times when there were several of us there together with no adults around, we would take turns climbing into the pen and daring the bull to chase us. I think in this venture we all opted for discretion over valor, because while I remember some lightening trips back over the fence, I donít remember and perilously close calls. The bull was pretty enthusiastic in his charges and I imagine we provided a welcome diversion to his otherwise boring existence. There was one other event we knew of that he certainly seemed to get excited about. Several times we were there and got to observe the goings on during breeding. We would sit around near the breeding stall and hoot and holler our encouragements to him as we watched the proceedings.

There was a horse barn and a large hayloft that I would often visit. Many times there were inmate workers around and I would sometimes visit with them as they went about their chores. Sometimes their conversations made sense, sometimes they didnít, but they always seemed to enjoy my company. Iím sure the nurse back at St. Johnland would have found this associating with the inmates right in line with her image of me.

                                                                                                                                               - Ronald Mallory

Photograph - Long Island Oddities





39 Patient Wards
53 Pump House
55 Marina
125 Administration
126 Family Housing
127 Family Housing
128 Family Housing
129 Family Housing
130 Cottage F
131 Cottage G
132 Cottage H
133 Cottage I
134 Cottage J
135 Convalescent
136/137 Medical / Surgical
138 Patient Wards
139 Dinning Hall
140 Crises Housing
142 Elderly Living
143 Patient Wards
144 Staff Housing
147 Patient Wards


Well House 1
Well House 2
Well House 3
Well House 4
Well House 5

Tennis Courts

Sand Shed

Oil Tanks

Indian Head Rd Cemetery

Fire Hydrants

Field Relics


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