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 Children's Wards
1   Patient Wards
2   Patient Wards
3   Employees Home
5   Work Shop
6   Power Plant
7   Medical Bldg
8   Building A
9   Building B
10 Building C
11 Building D
15 Patient Wards
18 Family Houses
19 Family Houses
21 22 Admissions
23 Recreation Ctr
27 Cemetery
27 Reservoir
29 Power Plant
31 Bowling Lanes
32 Club House
35 Staff Dorm
36 Nurses Home
37 Staff Dorm
38 Tailor Shop
39 Continue Therapy
40 Infirmary
41 42 43 - Group 4
44 Storehouse
45 Water Tower
46 Root Cellar
46 Farm Out Bldg
47 Pig Pens
47 Dairy Barn
48 Grounds Bldg
49 Drís House
52 School
56 Community Store
57 Repair Shop
58 Ice House
59 Power Plant
60 Shoe Shop
60 Pump House
61 Shed
62 Grounds Maint
65 Green House
66 Sewage Plant
67 Directors House
68 Garage
69 Green House
70 Hot Beds
71 Six Car Garage
72 Tool House
74 Mechanics House
75 Garage
76 Garage
77 Chief Engineer
78 Staff Housing
80 York Hall
81 Chemical House
82 Mortuary
83 Fire House
84 Pump House
85 Pump House
86 Blacksmith Shop
89 Bathrooms
88 Slaughter House
90 Macy Hall
91 Garage
92 Tiffany Field
93 Patient Wards
94 Laundry Bldg
95 Drís Cottage
96 Drís Cottage
97 Drís Cottage
98 Drís Cottage
99 Drís Cottage
100 Drís Cottage
101 Drís Cottage
122 Female Wards
123 Dinning Hall
124 Female Wards
151 Patient Housing
152 Patient Housing


2. Acute Patient Wards
Female Reception Building
Built c.1919
Renovations and additions were made to the rear middle section c.1930's

          This was used to treat Acute patients then during the 1930's became the Female Reception Building

    The two end rooms covered in ivy were the patient dorms then came the long Day Rooms with the screened in shaded porches. The center of the building held the reception areas and Physician's rooms. In the rear of the middle was extension with the dinning rooms and kitchen and a loading dock along the back. The second floor was the same as the first except for the rear of the middle section which had the linen rooms, packing rooms and two separate rooms in the back with five tubs in each one for prolonged baths. Sheets would be brought from the linen room and the patient would be wrapped tight as mummy in wet sheets and then taken to the tub room and placed in a tub of ice ice cold water for prolonged periods of time. This was one of the various methods of shock treatment back in the day. Hydrotherapy has been around since the Egyptians using various water temperatures and pressure to treat ailments and help with blood circulation in limbs
    Sometime during the 1930's the building was renovated in the middle with the kitchen being expanded and another dinning room being added to the rear of the first floor. On the second floor the tubs and packing room were removed and replaced with a Home Economics room with kitchen and a Beauty Shop. Later two dorm rooms on the third floor would be converted to a library and classroom. There was also another Beauty Shop in the basement and a laundry room. The basement of the right wing was used for Civil Defense Storage. This usually consisted of gas masks, blankets, and canned food.

The Kings Park Fire Department using the abandoned building for fire drills c.1970's

Those fires were set for practice, strangely enough, I was talking to some of the old timers and they remember that more people got hurt at the practice than actual fires. That place must have been a nightmare.

                                                                                                                        - Louie





39 Patient Wards
53 Pump House
55 Marina
125 Administration
126 Family Housing
127 Family Housing
128 Family Housing
129 Family Housing
130 Cottage F
131 Cottage G
132 Cottage H
133 Cottage I
134 Cottage J
135 Convalescent
136/137 Medical / Surgical
138 Patient Wards
139 Dinning Hall
140 Crises Housing
142 Elderly Living
143 Patient Wards
144 Staff Housing
147 Patient Wards


Well House 1
Well House 2
Well House 3
Well House 4
Well House 5

Tennis Courts

Sand Shed

Oil Tanks

Indian Head Rd Cemetery

Fire Hydrants

Field Relics


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