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                                         124. Female Patient Wards 53 & 54
                                        Built 1915, destroyed by fire c.1990's

Following Geraldo Rivera's 1972 news coverage of the horrible living conditions young mentally retarded patients were being subject to at Willowbrook State Hospital the unit was shut down and the patients were brought to live in the Group Two buildings here at Kings Park after they were refurbished from the old Women's wards

This picture of the side of building 124 was taken in December of 1994

1st Floor - One large dormitory and a day room on the other end split in half to make a set of small dorm rooms. The hallway down the center led to the visitor areas, a lounge, treatment room, and the bathrooms and showers.

2nd Floor - One dormitory and one day room with a long hallway in between containing the visitors room, two  smaller dorms, offices, clothing rooms, showers, bathrooms, and a treatment room.

Patients were taken to the dinning hall of kitchen 123 for their meals. Later the food would be brought in hot by trucks from the kitchen of building 93.

- Speaking about the blizzard of February 1974 - There was no food delivery for the patients' dinner, so they had peanut butter and jelly sandwiches that we made on the Wards.                   -  Barry

Road going around building 123

Path leading to building 124

One evening during the winter of bad snowstorms of 1978, we decided to do some sled riding down the hill below bldg. 124. We grabbed an old vinyl-covered mattress from the cellar. It was snowing pretty heavily. We all looked at the hill, but it kinda looked steep, so nobody wanted to be the first one down. We voted for Robert M. to be the first. As we sat him down on the mattress, all he kept saying was, "I don't want to go...I don't want to go."

We gave the mattress a nudge and down he went. Well, the hill had two steps cut into it for erosion control and when he hit the second one, he went airborne. He landed back on the hill, traveling at even higher speed on the mattress. He zipped across the parking lot, over the curb, and into the Boulevard, finally coming to rest on the snow bank next to bldg. 59.

Well, the funny part was that, when Robert was halfway down the hill, we noticed a Safety car coming up the Blvd. from bldg. 125. Holy sh*t! Robert passed about 50 feet in front of their car. They jumped out of the car, laughing their balls off. They told us that they were minding their own business, running up their evening mileage on the car in the snowstorm seeing nothing but white, when they see Robert M. speeding across their path, holding onto a mattress for dear life.
                                                                                                                                              - Barry

Former site of building 124




39 Patient Wards
53 Pump House
55 Marina
125 Administration
126 Family Housing
127 Family Housing
128 Family Housing
129 Family Housing
130 Cottage F
131 Cottage G
132 Cottage H
133 Cottage I
134 Cottage J
135 Convalescent
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139 Dinning Hall
140 Crises Housing
142 Elderly Living
143 Patient Wards
144 Staff Housing
147 Patient Wards


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